This month, we had two baptism services. At the IEG in Barcelona, we celebrate the baptism of 12 brothers and sisters. It was a beautiful service. We heard twelve times the gospel of the Lord applied to the life of each of these brothers, when they told how God brought them out of darkness into the light of Jesus. One of them was Daniel, son of pastor David Barceló.

Many non-believers could hear this precious message. There came unbelieving family and friends and it was a great opportunity for them to listen and see the gospel. In addition to seeing how the church was involved in the whole service with much joy, it was very encouraging for us. Glory be to the Lord.

That same day we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the IEG. We have only a heart that is very grateful to the Lord for seeing how He has sustained and directed the church through His Word. There are 14 years of hard work, many struggles and many tears. However, there are 14 years of seeing the powerful hand of the Lord fulfilling day by day his promises to build his church.

We had another baptism service in Castellon, one of our mission points. As in Barcelona, this service was a precious expression of the power of the gospel. That same weekend we also visited the mission point in Valencia. My wife had a Bible study with women while I did it with men. We are happy to see how these two mission points are growing.