Thank you very much for your generous support and your continuous prayers. I believe, that by God’s grace, ministry went well this past month. One exciting opportunity I had was to preach at the prison on a Sunday night. I think went really well. I preached on 1 Tim. 1:15; that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. It was quite an interesting time because many of the inmates asked questions as I preached, which I was not used to, but God was with me and gave me wisdom to answer their questions without getting distracted. I believe there were a couple of the prisoners that seemed broken when I preached, please pray that God would save them.

I’ve also been doing some witnessing in Blackville and Miramichi. If you remember from previous reports I mentioned to pray for Stacey from Blackville. I reached out to her again with my wife and we got a great chance to talk about the Gospel. Plus, my wife was able to share her testimony to her as well. A few days later, a friend and I went to visit her again. I told her that I was praying for her and she began to confess her sin. She said that she’s tired of the way she’s living and that she knows it’s wrong. I told her about the mercies of God and what it means for her to have faith and repentance toward God. She was really broken and she thanked us for visiting her. Pray that God would save her and give her victory over her sin. Since then she has been reading the Bible. She also came out to a prayer meeting in Blackville. Thank you for your prayer.

In the Blackville prayer meetings, I believe God is working in us; teaching us to trust Him and not give up or lose heart, because our labor is not in vain. We will reap a harvest for what we sow. I feel like the prayers of the people are going out in faith and confidence in our God. He is with us.

Dave and I have continued evangelizing in Miramichi, and both of us have had good encounters in sharing the Gospel with people from there. I definitely had people who rejected the Gospel and weren’t happy that I shared it to them, but for the most part, I had a lot of good encounters with people that listened and said they would think about what I told them.

Please pray for us as we continue to spread the Gospel. Pray that people would be saved and that God would give us courage and wisdom in dealing with souls. Also, my wife may be giving birth by the end of June, so please pray for her. Thank you once again for your support!

Rob Greenwood