This month has been a great blessing both in our family and ministry. Seeing the hand of God sustaining us is the the best thing that could happen to us, because the theoretical becomes real in the practical.

This month has been such a blessing. As a church, we were able to visit the jungle community of Aguajun. We took them literature, which was donated by HeartCry, and you have no idea how much this has helped that community. Additionally, our church was able to cover the costs for the trip, which was a demonstration of its love and commitment to the gospel.

We were in Aguajan the first week of the month. We taught the brothers there about The One True God (using Paul Washer’s book). We also took Bibles and some medicines for them to share with their community. The trip was very tedious, round trip it was a 48 hour journey. Twelve of these hours were spent traveling on the river. Our return trip was a foretaste of the weather that was to come later in the month (there was a great deal of rain and consequently there were mudslides).

Our region, as many of you know, is being pummeled with rain. This has made life very hard. It has caused a great deal of inflation, but God has not abandoned us. He has continued to show us that He is our portion and that we do not have or desire anything more than him.

As a church we are taking the initiative to carry relief: food, insect repellents, water, matches and candles, etc. to a town that is about an hour away. We have gathered up about $175, which is not much, but represents a great effort for us.

In spite of everything, we are at peace. God has not left us and he has continued to provide all we need. If the Lord reigns, we should be happy because nothing and no one can harm us. God cares for us and provides for us. In spite of shortages, we have had everything we need. Even if we were to suffer need, I believe God would allow us to bear it with contentment.