Yemen Feature

Almost a year ago we introduced Sam Huhn, an elder of Grace Baptist in Hamtramck, Michigan, who is doing Gospel ministry among Muslim immigrants from Yemen.  Fluent in Arabic, Sam spends part of every day out in the community, interacting with Yemeni residents, engaging them with the Gospel, and seeking to befriend them. 

Over time, Sam befriended a young man named Ahmed. Though the Gospel work among Hamtramck Muslims has been very slow and hard, the thrilling day finally came when Ahmed told Sam that he believed in Jesus as the Son of God who died for the sins of the world. In the mysterious providence of God, his family took him back to Yemen a month later.  Sam has been able to continue communicating with him via Whatsapp, encouraging him in his faith and challenging him to reject sin, and to read and obey God’s Word.

Shortly after returning to Yemen, Ahmed was attacked by his mother for his faith in Christ, arrested and taken to jail, and eventually released. Nevertheless, he stood firm in his faith. He helped Sam create a Facebook page to try to reach the lost online. He has continued reading the Word and even asked Sam to help him select a Bible reading plan.

Sam Teaching
Sam teaching

Throughout the spring and summer, Sam continued having weekly phone conversations with Ahmed and they read through the Gospel of Matthew together. They also communicate several times a week through social media. Life is difficult for him in Yemen without local Christians to meet with, but God is continuing to work in him, as evidenced by his persistence in the faith. Ahmed was finally able to connect with some indigenous Christians in Yemen online, though because of distance between their cities and fear on both sides, they have not met in person.

This summer, Ahmed was given a unique opportunity to display the love of Christ to his family.  He cared for his grandfather when he had Covid, even though many people in Yemen have put suspected Covid patients out of the house. Though his family continues in their harsh attitude toward him, he continues in his faith. He recently told Sam that his feelings of love are so powerful toward Jesus, who is helping him to obey the Word of God. He prays for strength to love those who are treating him badly on account of his faith in Christ. 

He continues to grow, sharing his faith with friends, as well as others using social media. Please pray for Ahmed to grow even stronger in his faith and in his knowledge of God’s Word, and to be a faithful witness for Christ in Yemen.  Please pray for his family to know Christ.