Village People

Although HeartCry missionary George Serban pastors two different congregations, he maintains diligence in doing the work of an evangelist. In recent days, he has encouraged the churches’ faith families to be intentional is sharing the gospel in their communities. In this month’s report George shares of the young people’s corporate effort to evangelize:

The fact that we are in God’s hand makes us feel secure in an insecure world. As Psalm 46 says, God is an ever-present help in trouble. If we face social or political injustice and calamities come, we are in the hand of the One Who can help us and protect us no matter what happens. I pray we would experience God’s care for us in all fields.

We kept doing evangelistic outreach every Thursday as a church. We talk to the people about God and His salvation. But before going out, we have a time for equipping for this ministry. Here are several testimonies of some of the young people who went on the street this month to talk to the people.


I did evangelistic outreach today with Lidia Serban and Irene. We tried to talk to an old man, but he refused to listen. I didn’t get discouraged and, later on, we managed to talk to four others. People were open and I’m glad I had the opportunity to share with them my personal testimony and God’s love.


Paul and I talked to the people in Draganesti about Jesus. We spoke to a high school teacher who told us he didn’t have anything to do with God. So we told him that God cared about him; that He gave him life, health and forgiveness of sins. We also talked to two older people who were very religious and they took the Gospel tracts we gave them.


I was in Danut’s group. We talked to about 6 to 7 people. They think that sin is the killing of a dog, a chicken or something like that. We met an 81-year-old lady and talked to her. She told us she was sick. She also told us that three of her children had died and she was alone. We prayed for her and gave her a gospel tract.


Larissa, Amalia, Miriam and I shared the gospel with two people – an older lady and a man. They were open to share with us about their lives. We will keep praying for them.


Ana, Irene and I talked to a woman, following all the evangelistic steps. People were open and this was encouraging for me. I want to share the gospel every time when I have the opportunity.


George and I shared the Gospel with 5 people. We asked a man how he was doing and he replied that he was sad. He told us that his wife had died. We spoke to him about faith. Another person was very open and asked us questions about the Bible and church. This was a good opportunity for us to preach the gospel.


Larisa, Miriam, Sara and I were able to share the gospel with two people. This was the first time I ever did this and it was a wonderful experience. I keep praying for these two individuals.


Alex and I talked to an older man. We talked about war, our town and the virus. We also talked about God and the man said that the Bible was true. But he didn’t believe in an afterlife because no one has ever come on earth to tell us about the other world. In spite of this, he believed that we had souls.

Please pray for all those who heard the gospel and for those who preached it. We ask the Lord to help us be a church that takes the good news to other people, starting with our town.

We also have the joy of preparing four young people for baptism. We pray that the Lord would help them grow in the knowledge of His Word.

Two families from our church brought their children to church for the child dedication service as they believe the Lord’s words, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Please pray for us and for our desire to share the gospel and make disciples in different ways even in times like these when social distancing is required.