A young man named Franklin, the son of one of the members of the church, came to talk to me following the teaching a couple Sundays ago. This young man is known for his rebellious lifestyle, but he decided to come to church that week. 

I had just taught on why it was that Jesus came to give His life for sinners. When I had finished, Franklin approached me and said, “I realize that I cannot continue in my sin. It doesn’t make any sense for me to continue living this way. Jesus has done an amazing thing for me. I see that He came to die for sinners and see that I am one of them. I want to repent.” 

I asked him why it was he wanted to repent. Did he just want to be a member of our church? Was he just worried about what people thought of him? I told him that repentance means not only that we ask the Lord for His forgiveness, it’s also confessing that you want Him to work in our life to change our lives into obedience.

He told me, “I don’t just want to be a member of the church. I know that being part of a church cannot save me. I need Jesus to save me.” We prayed together and he himself confessed his sin before God and asked for forgiveness in Christ.

The church is greatly encouraged to see the Lord’s work in this young man’s life. We are continuing to pray that there would be a real change in his life showing that God really has done a work of salvation in Him.