Highlights From Nepal

Danny: “One day “Manab Dharma” (Human Religion) group came in my village. It is one of the movements of Hinduism. They gave me their book and shared their faith with me. I listened carefully to what they said. After they finished, I then requested to share my faith. I looked Matthew 1:21-23 and shared with them about total depravity of mankind and the love of God through His son Jesus Christ. In the beginning we had long discussion. They finally disagreed with God’s truth. It is my sincere prayer that they know the Lord. Pray God’s Spirit would work in their hearts.

I went to visit Mr. Bishnu. He is a goldsmith. I shared with him and his family about the good news of Jesus Christ. We looked at Romans 3:9 and v. 23. We examined the need for salvation. They listened to the gospel, but responded by saying that it is very difficult to leave their culture and religion. He requested that I come back and share the Word of God again. I am planning to visit him again in coming days and I have been praying for his salvation. May God do His works according to His plan. Please pray.

One last note, I am very thankful to God and also to HeartCry for giving us the training of RBS.”

Kirk: “In God’s grace I am visiting Gangi Sara’s village. After her death, I have been visiting and evangelizing them. I don’t know the secret will of God for this people, but I know the commandment of God to tell people about Him and His truth. They attended the church only one time, and until today they have not attended the fellowship again. I am sharing the good news continually with them. They said to me that they couldn’t attend the church soon, but definitely they will attend the church in the future. I am praying that this family and village may come to the Lord. May God bring them into the knowledge of His saving grace. It is my prayer to the Lord.

I also visited Mrs. Dil. She can’t attend the church service because of her old age and distance from the church. Some of the believers and I went to visit her. It took around 3 hours for us to reach her home. She expressed her thanks to us for the prayer and fellowship. She told us that she is very happy for God’s love and His promise for eternal life. We saw the joy in her face. It brings joy to me too and all of us who were there. We gave thanks to God for the abundant grace in her life.”

Ragunandam V.: “March the 1st we had a baptism program at our local church. While many expressed interest in baptism, in the end only Mr. Ramesh was baptized. Mr. Ramesh is growing in the Lord. He is an honest to God and the church.

Thanks to God for the RBS training in March. I am very thankful for Brother Nicolas and Doug. I learned much about General Revelation and Special Revelation. In this training, we also learned about the Sufficiency of the Scriptures. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for arranging this training for us, so that we can be equipped in God’s truth. May God bless you.”

Rodney: “I am preaching through the book Ephesians. We just finished chapter 3 and we are now entering chapter 4. I taught about the spiritual blessings in Christ and new identity believers have in Him. We have been freed from the wrath of God, and we have received new life in Christ. Salvation is not by our good works. God has made us one in Christ and has declared us members of His kingdom. I taught about how believers must realize God’s wonderful grace in us.

In chapter 4, I’m teaching them about the need for unity, and the need to grow in maturity. That unity comes from one Lord, one faith, and one hope. Knowing our new identity, we need to leave the old nature and live in the reality of our new life, which is a sign of a true believer. Our life style, thought, speech should be changed according to God’s Word. I hope and pray that the word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit, would change us; that we would live a life worthy to glorify the Lord. Please pray for us. 

This month, our family had gone through much pain. My brother-in-law, who was working abroad in Dubai, committed suicide. All of his immediate family are in grief. He had a wife, children, and a mother who is very old. All are non-believers. I had the opportunity to help them, and also to comfort them. Though they don’t believe in Almighty God, may God give them peace, and open their hearts to the gospel in the coming days. Please pray.”