I rejoice that through the process of church discipline, the Lord is bringing back and restoring certain brothers and sisters in fellowship with Himself and the church. God is the one that does this work and perfects it until the day that Christ returns. There are also brothers and sisters that are showing faithfulness in attending after having neglected attendance for a time. I’m discipling and devoting a lot of time to these groups of people. Truly, as a pastor, I can’t tell you the enormous joy that I feel when I see my brothers returning to fellowship with God. It’s my prayer that God continues creating thirst for Him and for His word.

I continue preaching an expository series through the Gospel of John on Sundays. After preaching chapter 3 about the new birth, I studied a series taught by Steven Lawson on 12 realities of the new birth, and I decided to teach them to the church. So, for the past three weeks I’ve taught about this very important theme, one which is very vital for the church to understand.