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“Contribute to the needs of the saints.” —Romans 12:13a

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the saints from the Frankfurt Church, I send you greetings and thank our God for your continued prayers and support.

Encouraging news from the Frankfurt Church

We thank our God for allowing us to share some encouraging news with you. We experience the goodness of the Lord in the fact that several visitors to our church want to be baptized and become members. I hope to write more about this in my next report. In addition, after we were privileged to help plant a church in the Basel region last year, we are now considering sending a faithful brother of our church together with his wife and two small children to the city of Kaiserslautern to plant a church there. Kaiserslautern has a population of about 100,000 and is located about 1.5 hours southwest of Frankfurt. For about two years now, we have been supporting a group of about twenty Christians who meet there and have asked us for help. I hope to be able to report more about this soon as well.

Please join us in thanking the Lord for these beautiful developments. Please pray for the brothers and sisters who want to be baptized and become part of the church. And please pray for the church plant in Kaiserslautern, that we can discern what the will of the Lord is.

Help for those who suffer due to Covid measures

The last months have been very busy. Together with about twenty other pastors and preachers from Germany and Switzerland, we have founded a working group (“ACCH”) with the aim of supporting brothers and sisters who have fallen on hard times in connection with the measures in relation to Covid, for example, because they have lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates or had to leave their church due to the fact that they could not in good conscience adhere to bans on singing or mask, distance, or test mandates (some churches even allow only vaccinated people to worship).

At the end of each month, the ACCH calls for a day of prayer throughout the German-speaking world, joined by Christians from other countries in Europe and even other continents. We thank God that we have received a lot of feedback from brothers and sisters testifying that they have been greatly encouraged by the common day of prayer. The ACCH has also published a letter to the rulers and politicians of our country, respectfully requesting them not to introduce vaccine mandates for the entire German population, which was the declared goal of the government. The letter was signed by about 160 pastors and church and ministry leaders. A few days ago, most of the Covid measures in Germany have finally been abolished, at least temporarily. Recently, the Parliament also rejected the motions to introduce vaccine mandates. We praise God that He has heard our prayers.

Please join us in thanking the Lord that He has now given us relief. Please also pray for the brothers and sisters who are facing the loss of their jobs or no longer have a church because of the measures, that the Lord will comfort and provide for them.

Help for those who suffer due to the war in Ukraine

In recent weeks, we have also been very busy with the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians are fleeing their country and also coming to Germany, where they need shelter and supplies, and many of them need the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have therefore supported the printing of tracts in Ukrainian and are distributing them along with small aid packages to Ukrainian refugees, on the streets of Frankfurt.

Those who remain in Ukraine also urgently need help because food has often become scarce and expensive. In order to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, we have launched a Germany-wide appeal for donations. Thanks be to the Lord, He has blessed us with generous donations so that we are able to buy relief supplies and take them to Ukraine.

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A few days ago, two deacons and another brother from our church drove a van to Ukraine to take about a ton of food, hygiene items, and Ukrainian Bibles to brothers and sisters there. They were on the road for two days and two nights without stopping, taking turns driving. When handing over the relief supplies to the Ukrainian brothers, everyone was in each other’s arms and crying, even though they had never seen each other before, but we love each other in Christ, and those who are in Christ are one body; if one member suffers, all suffer together. The Ukrainian brothers then took the relief supplies to needy brothers and sisters in the war zones in the east of the country.

However, we quickly realized that we would not be able to make such long and exhausting trips on a regular basis. Therefore, we looked for opportunities to work with churches that are closer to the Ukrainian border. We are extremely grateful that we found HeartCry missionary and Pastor Adam Wegrzyk from Krakow, Poland. Pastor Adam and another brother from the church in Krakow have already brought the first shipment of about two tons of food to the brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Even though the rented van broke down on the highway, due to engine trouble, and the brothers had to wait five hours for a replacement, they were able to joyfully hand over the relief supplies to the brothers in Ukraine.

Please pray for Pastor Adam and the brothers and sisters from Krakow, that the Lord will bless them for their ministry to the brothers and sisters in Ukraine. But even more, pray for the Ukrainian brothers and sisters that the Lord will preserve and comfort them and that they will never be without confidence and joy in the Spirit despite all circumstances.

We currently also have two Ukrainian refugees staying with us, a grandma with her granddaughter. They are staying with a Russian family from our church, which is a wonderful testimony because many Ukrainians and Russians hate each other right now, but in the church, there is no Ukrainian or Russian but Christ is all, and in all. To him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.