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For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1.16

From outside of Christianity, relativism, pluralism, ecumenicalism, and humanism are against the gospel’s message. Even from within, the false teachings of the prosperity gospel, easy believism, and Salvation through gospel plus works, are spreading fast and work against the Faith. I personally traveled through all those beliefs at one time or another. But the Lord graciously used different people, sermons, books, and articles to guide my understanding of the true gospel, gospel call, and reality of conversion. Paul Washer’s books on the gospel (which have been translated into our language) have been a great blessing in spreading a right understanding of the Christian message and life. 

Knowing the pure gospel, rightly helps it to be applied to one’s life, but that does not stop there. It also helps us to explain it right to others. Therefore, I am regularly preaching it in our church, in other churches, in seminars, in seminaries, and wherever I am invited. For most of those who hear, it is the first time they have ever heard the true gospel and its biblical and eternal benefits. Most of the time, they only hear a few moral applications and earthly benefits. It is not a false accusation to say that many churches are not preaching the gospel anymore at all. 

We have been grabbing every opportunity to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ. We started arranging gospel meetings in villages, where we preach to the people sitting in front of us, using a sound system, so others can hear while sitting in their houses. We also have a type of meeting called open gospel meetings where people from different churches and places gather. Most of them do not know the gospel well. So, when I get to preach in those meetings, I share the gospel clearly. Recently, I preached in such a meeting on the topic “What does the death of Christ mean to us?” People came and talked with me afterward, letting me know that the message pierced their hearts. The stunning silence, while I was preaching, gave me the strength to continue to preach with greater boldness.

We are thankful for the results that the Lord has allowed us to see. One woman, who was baptized as an infant and thought that she was a Christian, started attending our church services. After sitting under the preached word at the church, she understood the gospel, and the Lord saved her. She expressed it to us. I took a few special classes and made sure she understood it rightly, our church observed her life, and we conducted her baptism recently. Another woman heard the gospel when we conducted a gospel meeting in her daughter’s place. She showed immediate interest. We invited her to the church services. She understood the gospel as well in a few months, trusted in Christ, and was baptized recently. 

The brother that was sent out from us is working hard in preaching and teaching God’s word to the church and to other leaders. One boy, through his aunt, was invited to his church gathering and heard the gospel. He has confessed Christ and is ready to be baptized. So, they are talking to him to make sure things are right before going forward with baptism. 

An interesting thing happened recently: an extremist group from a village targeted me by writing about me on social media, even tagging all the same groups around our places. They were writing about my work, and that I am converting many to Christianity and need to be killed. This happened a few years ago. Please pray for us regarding this. By God’s enabling grace, we are committed to preaching the true gospel and we believe that it is the power of God to save those who believe it. We will continue to do that. Please continue to lift us up in prayer.