Though we have been in the midst of various trials, the Lord has comforted us with the recent arrival of a couple that has moved from Mendoza to live in Rosario. They have come all the way to our city in order to be able to fellowship in the local church, and they have sacrificed much. We are very grateful for the addition of this family into the body of believers in Rosario.

Also, we were very encouraged by the visit of two brothers from Buenos Aires. They have recently begun a new church there, and there are currently about 25 brothers and sisters who have come out of a false congregation that had severely enslaved them with teaching that is contrary to the Scriptures. They are as those who have come out of Egypt, and they are experiencing the freedom that is found in Christ. The leaders who came to Rosario are approaching this new work with a godly fear, being very aware of their great need, but, at the same time, they are excited about this opportunity that has been given them to serve the Lord.

These brothers have only recently begun to learn the Gospel as it is in the Scriptures, but they are very zealous to defend and proclaim it. We spent a couple days of intensive discipleship with both of them, and we were very encouraged to see their progress. It is a blessing to have a new group of believers with whom we can be in fellowship, and we are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to help them. The leader of the group is named Sergio. Pray for him. Also, pray for me and for the church in Rosario, so that we would be able to help these brothers in every way possible; they are in great need of help.