This month the church in Surco, Lima, which is currently meeting in the house of one of the sisters of the church, is in the process of learning more about the important role that each member of the Body has. Many of us in our local church and the church around the world have the tendency to think that when we meet together on Sundays, the only important part is the preaching; the teaching from the pastor. I certainly agree that it is a special event when the Lord uses the preaching of His Word to affect the lives of the believers and those who are visiting. I also believe that preaching the Gospel is the power of God to transform lost souls and guide the people of God, who are often so cold and slow to walk in obedience. However, if this is our only focus when we meet on Sundays or any other day, then we lose sight of the importance that every member of the church has in carrying out his or her individual role in the body of Christ.

It is important that each of us keep in mind the value and significance of meeting together and participating in the fellowship of the saints, and that we understand the worth of being together with the redeemed. When we are together we ought to be comforting others in the Lord, and we should also be comforted by those who have been comforted by Him. It is an incredible blessing to be in the midst of men and women who, though they still sin, have one great thing in common, which is the love of the Father and His passion for His children. He has accomplished so much for His children in all parts of the world, and now enables us to walk in unity, sincerity, and humility, considering one another as more significant than ourselves. It is in this unity that He is glorified.

Participation in the fellowship of the church creates in me a genuine concern for my brothers and sisters, and causes me to feel a greater longing for devotion, intercession, and love for each member of the church. This is what Walter (another teacher in the church) and I are trying to show the believers of the congregation, as we teach on the greatness of the Father’s love for us. He has given us an example for us to follow, and by His mercy and grace, we are to become imitators of Him in our love for His people.

I ask you to be praying that the Lord would give me great insight and wisdom to be able to guide His people with discernment. Pray that the Lord would enable me to help the families around us who have been so devastated by sin and the wickedness of men. Please pray that my youth and my inexperience in the ministry will not be a barrier to the brothers and sisters in the congregation, and that in every situation I will be able to rest in the power of the Gospel to unite and save the people of God.