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As I went to get some vegetables and groceries yesterday, I thanked the Lord for every single provision He provides us with every single day without fail! Great is Thy Faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see! I think, we have taken these simple things for granted, haven’t we? How long has it been since we truly thanked God for a basket full of tomatoes? Shall we take time to thank God for all His provision even in times such as these? Even more so for the eternal provision, He has made through His Son Jesus Christ? I think about those who are struggling to meet their essential needs. Let us take this opportunity to love our struggling neighbors as the Lord commanded us. 

We are definitely living in strange times. I have never seen anything like what I am experiencing in my lifetime. I think this is the case all around the globe. I have never seen men who have been so concerned about an invisible virus. Since March 14, India has been locked down. Can you imagine a country of 1.3 billion people being shut down just like that? Today, India is a very strange place without its hustle and bustle. Many poor people are struggling to meet their essential needs. I have seen pictures of people walking back to their villages with their families for hundreds of kilometers because of a lack of transportation and loss of work. I do not know how the country will be able to recuperate economically in the future. Things do not look great at the moment. I presume that this is the case all over the world.

As I have been pondering over these things, ‘the sovereignty of God’ has been the pillow on which my head and heart rest. God does everything for His glory. And God does not act haphazardly or randomly, for everything happens according to His perfect plan. He is not the author of evil (James 1:13) but He ultimately transforms evil into good (Acts 2:23). God is certainly teaching each one of us a lesson, if we have ears to hear and eyes to see. All that we have achieved and accomplished as a nation can be turned into nothing, in split seconds. After all, this world is transient and temporary. When Christ comes to judge the world for the second time, He is going to shake the entire world. Everything that is flimsy is going to be shaken, and only that which has a sure foundation will remain, that is the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

We are making use of every opportunity to proclaim the gospel in various ways, for the world needs the news that gives hope. For the last several Sundays, we as a church have been meeting virtually on the internet. We shall continue to do so as long as there is the lockdown. We look forward to the day when this lockdown will be lifted up and will be able to gather together, and sing praises onto our great Triune God. 

We have also been able to help with some groceries for those who come to our church. Please continue to pray that God would change the circumstances and we would be ever ready to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world.