Eduardo Aricari Preaching In Barranco

On the same day that the national quarantine lockdown began in Peru, my wife went into labor with our son Eliab. We thank the Lord because everything was guided by His hand. Even in the midst of the quarantine, we were able to find a taxi that took us to the hospital, despite the fact that hardly any taxis were on the streets and there was no other public transportation. 

Eduardo Aricari With His Family

When we arrived, again the Lord guided us. All of the paperwork went very quickly and within an hour of arriving at the hospital, our son was born without any complications. The following day, they sent us home and in the midst of the quarantine things had gotten much worse in Lima. We couldn’t find any taxi near the hospital. We were worried because there was no public transportation and we had no way to get home. My wife and I prayed and entrusted the situation to God, and then we left the hospital walking. What’s incredible is that before we made it far from the hospital, a man saw us and offered to give us a ride in his car at a low price while his family was being cared for in the hospital. And so, in twenty-five minutes the three of us arrived home.

When we walked into the house around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we discovered that our daughter Charis had a terrible cough and her chest was wheezing. Immediately I left with Charis for the hospital, leaving my wife at home with the other children, along with a relative. By the mercy of God I was able to find a taxi just as it was dropping off another passenger. The taxi driver took us to the nearest hospital and there they admitted my daughter and diagnosed her with a severe asthmatic crisis. She could not breathe normally so they had to keep her in the hospital for four days. I stayed there with her. 

Being in the hospital during those days was also a blessing because I was able to pray often with my daughter and I also had opportunities to share the gospel with others, whether they were families of the patients or other visitors. My daughter and I also spent time praying together for the other patients in the hospital. There were several there with COVID-19, and even a doctor in the hospital had gotten the virus. We were thankful to God when they told us that my daughter could go home.