The following is from a report from Antony S.’s recent gospel relief trip to Kurdistan (Iraq). Read the full report here.

I have just arrived back from Iraqi Kurdistan; this was the second trip within one month. Both trips were amazing trip with many opportunities to preach the Gospel.

There are so many physical needs and many more spiritual and also openness after these people groups who have been living for centuries and more than a millennium in their communities which have been shaken and displaced by the followers of the most famous Arabian of all time. The inventor of the religion called Islam which is spreading destruction as a plague of locusts and fear instead of love and peace, the opposite of the gospel.
There is fertile soil for the gospel, there are many aid agencies and organizations labouring including many Christian organizations but sadly very few of these Christian organizations are spreading the good news. Humanitarian aid without the gospel is only temporary aid; they need the eternal aid of the Gospel.

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