Briefly, I will attempt to summarize some of the comforts with which the Lord has comforted me this month. The primary comfort has been a greater illumination of the glory of Christ and the Gospel. In the last weeks I began to preach a series of sermons on the history of redemption, and I am being greatly impacted by the majesty of King Jesus. I entitled the series “You Will See the King in His Beauty,” since that verse is found Isaiah 33:17, which is an excellent summary regarding the story of redemption and the story of humanity.

Nico And Esteban

All is designed with the purpose of uniting all things in the King, Christ Jesus! I know that you all know this already, but let me remind you once more that our Jesus is the center of the Scriptures and the center of all history. He is all that our father Adam could not be, and a thousand times more! He is the crusher of the serpent and the seed of Abraham. He is the hope that all the patriarchs saw from far off. He is the faithful Israel of God, who trusted entirely in His God and provider. He is the true Promised Land, of whom Canaan was only a reflection. He is a greater prophet than Moses, the High Priest superior to Aaron and superior to all the Levitical priesthood. He is the King superior to David. He is the rest in which we enter, all who have believed! He is the One who is greater than the temple, and greater than all the sacrifices of the temple combined! He is the One who will one day renew the earth, and will reign from shore to shore, causing His glory to shine in every corner of creation.

How glorious is our King Jesus! How glorious it is to sit at His table! How worthy He is of all our devotion, love, and passion! This has been my bread these weeks. My heart has understood a little more, only a little more, of the precious reality that it is Jesus who has accomplished all that we could not accomplish. It is He who has conquered where we failed.

I hope that this reality might comfort you as it has comforted me. To serve a King that delights in doing me good; to serve a King that did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many; to serve a King that pours Himself out continually for the good of his miserable subjects, like me, is the greatest of all glories. Pray that this glorious Jesus might be increasingly valued by me, by my wife, by Nicolas and his wife, and by our beloved church, Family of Grace.