Remember Ski Camp (2)

HeartCry missionary Ruxi Vandici has endured physical hardship over the past few years to continue her student ministry. Her faithfulness in spite of multiple maladies has been honored by the Lord of the Church to impact many female students that she instructs with gospel truth. In this month report she shares a few of her experiences:

I had a great joy this past month as the girl with whom I have had Bible discussions for almost one year is now professing faith in Jesus. A couple of weeks ago we had a deeper personal conversation after we had discussed the gospel many times. We also discussed many times about the new birth and about following Christ. She seems to understand all these things and says she wants to follow Christ. She was especially overjoyed when she found out that Jesus paid the debt for our sins through His death on the cross, taking God’s punishment for our sins in our place. She was raised in the bondage of the Greek Orthodox teachings that one has to earn their salvation through good works and rituals. So hearing about the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ was such a liberating truth for her. She also asked me about baptism. I am greatly encouraged to see the change in her attitude! When I met her she seemed to have a very rebellious attitude towards the Bible. Now she seems to be a totally different person to me! She has been reading a lot from the Bible and asks questions. She has such a teachable attitude, even when we discuss some of the hardest topics. I hope and pray that this is a genuine work of regeneration by the Holy Spirit in her life. Please continue to pray for her.

But with this great joy I had the disappointment of noticing that another young lady who I have been discussing a lot from the Bible with over the last year and wanted to follow Christ, seems to be drawing back. She is not as earnest to discuss the Bible anymore and seems influenced by other people who have told her that my approach to teaching the Bible is too strict. They gave her all kinds of psychological solutions while I was trying to keep giving her the gospel. There is such a fierce battle that goes on for each soul. The evil one places so many hindrances to prevent students to repent of their sins and trust Christ for salvation. I totally expect it every time I study the Bible with an unbeliever. But when the hindrances come from professing Christians it is so disappointing  and disheartening. It is so much easier when the attacks come from the outside. But I find again and again that the hardest battle is when the attacks come from within. May the Lord have mercy on this young woman and save her soul!

I am very thankful for a discussion I recently had with a young woman who is working with teenage girls. She faces many similar difficulties, so we each shared about our work. We were mutually encouraged to keep ministering in spite of the difficulties. I was able to share some truths that shed light on some of her questions regarding the ministry. She told me that our discussion was very helpful and I was so glad to hear that. It is so refreshing for me to meet these humble, unknown believers who faithfully labor for the Lord and seek not to make a name for themselves They want to serve out of love and devotion to Christ. May the Lord give us the grace to build for gold, silver and precious stones and not with hay, wood and straw. May we all be found faithful in the work entrusted to us!