Ivan Tassara In Sullana, Peru

We are evangelizing as a church every first and last Sunday of the month. All of the brothers and sisters from the congregation are involved and God is working in the community of Nueva Esperanza. We are also holding events for the children and sharing the gospel with them, as well as having Bible studies in different homes on Fridays to reach the community. 

One of the people that we’ve shared the gospel with has now been visiting the church. We first spoke with her in her home and told her about Christ. It seems that God is working on her heart. This past week she brought her brother-in-law to church so that he too could hear the gospel. This young man is going through some difficult times in his marriage. He was in my office for some time and I spoke with him about forgiveness of sins, repentance, and faith.

The woman who has been attending our church is a single mother and lives with her elderly father along with her children. She works in order to provide for the needs in her home, but even with all of her responsibilities, she has been faithfully coming to our prayer meetings every Wednesday. It seems she has a great sense of her need to pray to God and she feels a deep spiritual emptiness. She always asks that God would visit her home and save those who live there. It is our prayer that this would happen.

I trust in God that these people will be added to the Church of Christ. Please pray persistently for them, that God would save them and that I would have wisdom in how to speak with them.