Arturo Marin Singing With The Church In San Rafael

Many years ago, when we first arrived in the town of San Rafael, my wife and I began knocking on doors to talk to people about the gospel. We met a lady named Gloria and she began attending our church. But her husband was not in agreement with her participating in our church services because he practiced Roman Catholicism.

One day we went to visit him with the intention of telling him about Christ, but when we got there we realized that he was drunk. As soon as he heard me speak, he came toward me furiously wanting to punch me. But since I was a lot taller than him (he is a very small man), when I stood up to take the punches, he merely struck my chest. Surprisingly, he began saying, “Brother, excuse me. Don’t pay any attention to me. I’m drunk. Sit down. My house is your house. Thank you for visiting me.”

A few weeks later, this man began coming to church along with his wife, Gloria. He attended for a time and his life began to change, but eventually, during one of the pagan festivals in our town, he fell again into drunkenness, and from that time on he refused to return to the church. For a while, Gloria continued attending, but little by little, her husband made it difficult for her, and she too stopped attending.

During the pandemic, Gloria, her husband, and their children all got sick with Covid. Gloria began to call me on the phone very desperate. Once again, I began to evangelize her. We spent many hours over the course of many days talking about the Word of God. She recovered from the illness and began to express faith in Christ.

Today, she is attending our church once again and the whole town knows that she is now walking as a child of God. Her life is giving testimony to the grace of God and her family members are seeing the change in her. Her husband is in agreement with her attending the church, even though he still refuses to follow Christ.