New Roof

HeartCry missionary Natalia Terentii serves the Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova. Her ministry consists of serving older women in the community and cooking for conferences sponsored by the local church.  This month, she expresses her thanks for the renovation and new roof on her home that the Lord provided for her through HeartCry:                        

“Everything that has happened lately (the roof, hospital, new medical treatment, losing someone dear) made me think about certain verses from the Psalms. I could have written even more verses. So much gratitude, praise, care and the Father’s presence!

Before I had the roof done, it rained heavily. My house was flooded and I had no light. I made a video with the water flowing into my house and sent it to my friends, to the leaders and to Pastor Igor. He replied that things would change soon. I already had the money for a new roof, but the workers were too busy. The next morning, at 8 a.m., seven men with a big truck stopped at my gate. They were the workers that came to change my roof. I was so glad, but there were many things to be taken care of. I needed food and accommodation for them. So, I called sister Varvara, who helps me with cooking at church. I asked her to help me prepare lunch for the workers. Then I called Liuda, the girl who cleans the church building, and I asked her to prepare the room and beds for the workers. I went shopping several times. Step by step, I managed to do anything I needed to. I cooked the food for the workers at my place. It was amazing and a great blessing that they managed to finish the roof in four days. My neighbor needed 14 days to finish his roof. I still can’t believe that I have a roof and it’s not raining inside my house anymore. Some of the people were happy for me, while others were envious. Still, I know that this was God’s help for me through the people that served me. I talked to Brother Paul Washer and Brother Sorin and told them I couldn’t pay for my roof . I said it was not realistic to think about that. I received even more money than I thought I would need. I had $ 4,800 and I had to pay $ 5,100 for the roof. Three people gave me $240 for food for the workers. Another person gave me €100 for other needs. I wondered how a roof could be so expensive. But this is the reality in Moldova. Pastor Nicolai was the leader of the workers and they were extremely hardworking. No one thought they could finish the roof so soon. All my friends and relatives say that this was a great help for me, an orphan. A Christian lady called me and asked me if I could give her some of the old materials from my roof. She wanted to buy it, but I gave it to her for free. She was so happy and said that this was God’s answer to her prayers because her daughter’s house had been flooded. A neighbor said I should have sold those materials and not given them for free. But I replied that not everything was for sale. God gave me for free, so I had to do the same. Then it rained again and I ran outside to put the buckets as I used to, and I realized I didn’t have to do that anymore and started laughing. It is so peaceful when it rains now as there is no more stress to put the buckets in the attic and outside. At church a sister asked us to pray for her as her roof was leaking. Tears appeared in my eyes when I heard that. Lord, please help her!

After all this, I had to stay in bed for a week, even though there were still things that needed to be done. Then I had to have my documents for the pension done (medical tests, visits to the doctors, social worker). I had to go to Chisinau this time and prayed a lot for this. I also asked others to pray for me. When I got there, I gave them the documents and everything was ready in five minutes. Others had to wait for five hours. Now I need to wait for their decision.

Brother Pavel visited a Christian brother who works with plant-based medicines. I went there and this brother gave me two small bottles with a liquid that I had to take. He also told me not to take my pills anymore. This was so stressful for me. A person without the thyroid medication can’t live without pills. This Christian brother said we would do an experiment. I talked to brother Pavel and his wife and they advised me to go on in faith. I am thankful to the brothers who help me with money for my medicines. The procedure, the doctors, the medical tests and the treatment – they all cost $600. Everything is expensive here – medical care, constructions, food. Only the air is for free, but now we need to wear face masks, so I still can’t breathe.

My dear friend, sister Nina, went to be with the Lord this month. She was like a sister, mother and grandmother to everyone. Everything happened so suddenly. No one expected this. We miss her, but she is happy with the Lord. She had a hard, but beautiful life with God.

In the last week of the month, I was sick again. Mariana asked me to lead the women’s meeting, but I wasn’t able to do it. It’s hard for me to say that I am sick, but I try to be strong in the Lord.

Thank you so much for your understanding, support and prayers! Each period is beautiful if you regard it from the Lord’s perspective. There are many things that I don’t understand, but everything comes through God’s grace. If I can’t work, He still works in me. Lord, thank You for the family You have given me! Be blessed!