Dear HeartCry,

First of all I would like to respectfully greet the Board of HeartCry.

May God give peace and health on your family and your church. I truly thank God, because working with HeartCry in Vietnam. Thank you for supporting and helping us further facilitate the development work of God in Vietnam. Ladies and gentlemen, during May, the situation in Vietnam was filled with Vietnamese protests in Hanoi and Saigon about the mass death of fish in the central coast. The situation makes thousands of people suffer from unemployment. Also in this May, more such event was President Barack Obama President visited Vietnam. President Barack Obama’s speech in Hanoi gave Vietnamese great hope, including education, politics, society and human rights; the people of Vietnam want a civilized, developed country and an equity society.

About my family in Vietnam, God has given us peace and health. My daughter is in fourth grade and she is 10 years old this year. My wife has to take care of my home and help me in the local church. I thank God, for a long time I wish to learn English and now all members of my family and I are learning English on Tuesday and Thursday evenings every week.

Thank God for blessings on my life; every day I experience the God’s grace. I receive blessings by the teaching of the Lord through the devotions, study, and meditations on the word of God every morning. As a pastor in the local church I always try to create positive relationships with the community and to evangelize the good news to them. We organize meals for the elderly and are also teaching them the gospel; the important thing for me is evangelizing with the gospel so they have salvation. May God transform their lives and let them worship Him, which that is the biggest blessing for me,

In this May, I had the opportunity to share the good news with two people who accepted Christ in Ben Cat district, Binh Duong. I also had the opportunity to revisit a few people who believe in God in the area. Please pray for our ministry in the local church and ask God to bless to the church and grow and multiply in the next years.

Sincerely, Chi G.