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Dear brothers and sisters,

Another year is soon coming to an end, and as I look in the rearview mirror, we clearly can see how true the title of William Cowper’s hymn is which says, “God moves in a mysterious way.” This is what comes to my mind when I reflect on the many difficult situations and circumstances, and how God in his sovereignty is orchestrating them all. Our God is faithful even when we don’t understand what’s going on.

I especially would like to thank you for your prayers. We’ve asked you to pray for R who has been visiting us, that God would save him. Through His providence, by way of sickness, God has brought him to Himself. Please pray for several of his relatives that have visited the church, that God would open their hearts for the gospel.

We’ve asked you to pray for E, who used to laugh when one of our church members was sharing with him. After being mocked, the church member told E that he would pray that God would save him, and we’ve asked you to do the same. What a wonderful change we’ve seen once again. God has humbled this man through sickness and convicted him of his sins. He showed him how mighty He is to save. Another prayer answered is that E has recovered from his brain surgery. He went from not being able to move his legs for several weeks, to walking. Last Sunday he came to church for the first time, and this Sunday some of his family members are planning to join him. Please keep praying for E- that many of his relatives would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

There’s a family that we’ve been praying for many years, and especially over the last 6 months. The husband became a believer a number of years ago, but the wife still belongs to another religion and does not know the Lord. Through some providential circumstances (once again involving a sickness) her heart has softened and there’s a spark of interest. Please pray for the wife, that the Lord would open her heart for the gospel. Also, pray for M, whom I met once many years ago in his home country. Our paths crossed once again as he came to Sweden as a refugee. Since I meet him in his country, he has read the whole Bible but has not yet come to saving faith.

Redeeming the holidays

Daniel Sweden

We are right now in the midst of my favorite season of the year when it comes to evangelistic opportunities. Today, we were out almost the whole day giving out New Testaments and sharing the gospel with people. We also did some Christmas caroling. In a city with a million people, it was amazing to witness many faces and several people who we’ve previously been able to share the gospel with, walk by and listen. Pray for the new seeds being planted today, that we would see some of them being brought from darkness to light.

We also want to ask you to pray for our special evangelistic meetings that we are having during the Christmas season. Pray for sight for spiritually blind eyes and life for spiritually dead people. 

Thank you for your partnership to reach out with the gospel here in Sweden.

In Christ and for His glory,

Daniel Norén

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A New Website!

A New Website!