Dear HeartCry,

Honestly, part of the allowance that we receive from you is very helpful. To be able to pay for education, travel expenses, and gasoline gives us time to invest in the Lord’s work without having to worry about what to eat everyday; On behalf of our family we send sincere gratitude to you and the donors. May God’s blessings on you be multiplied more!

I must say that I am very grateful to God for the spiritual relationship with Him during the past month. “The more we meet with God the more we will become intimate with Him.” This is a quote from God’s servant, Pastor Solomon, our teacher, who edifies us spiritually. We who serve the Lord cannot lack this experience. Our fellowship with God enables us to be more effective in our prayers, missions outside the community, and teaching within the church, of which visiting and caring for the weak believer is an indispensable part. We are thankful too that God has assigned to us the care for 4 new members who have been baptized since 2015.

One of the new believers heard the gospel and everything started to change for her. She and her two children repented and believed in God. Her husband, however, still holds the view that the communist should persecute the church. She is worshiping faithfully in spite of his opposition, which suggests that, the selection and time of her salvation belongs to the sovereignty of God. Members in our church are also encouraged and believe that Christ saves and not us, which truth encourages us to testify of Him. Here are some pictures we see that praying for them, to ask God let them continue to grow.

May Lord bless your ministry as well as the church and HeartCry.

Sincerely Pastor Chi L.