Report from Cambodia from Basil Howlett

It was a very great privilege to go to Cambodia, at the end of May, to teach ‘Christology’ at the “Pastors’ and Church Leaders Conference” arranged by Shalom Mission. The men and women in the group were very keen to study God’s Word and obviously had a great love for the Lord. Many of them have experienced immense trials and tribulations in their lives because of the 1975-1979 genocide in Cambodia, and still face hardship and poverty. I often thought that they had so much to teach me and my fellow believers in the affluent West. The questions they raised in the ‘Question and Answer’ sessions were good and showed that they were thinking very seriously about the teaching.

The times of fellowship we had over meals and in the more informal evening sessions were quite memorable and heart warming. The highlight in this respect was when we all went out together one evening for a meal. It was very moving to see the care and concern they had for each other.

In addition to teaching at the conference there were also many opportunities to preach the Word at a number of churches, which have been planted by Shalom Mission, and in each venue I was encouraged by the zeal and warmth of God’s people.

I was greatly impressed by the devotion and commitment of Chhinho S. He has a wonderful rapport with the pastors and a real pastoral concern for them. His skill, wisdom and care in training young men to be leaders is exceptionally good and an excellent example of how to obey 2 Timothy 2:2. In all of this work his wife Samphors M. wonderfully and ably supports him. They are both so hospitable and welcoming, and many needy people find comfort and encouragement and practical help in their home. I thank God for the time I spent with them and their lovely family. They are both working zealously for the Lord.

The most unexpected and challenging opportunity, arranged by Chhinho, was to go to an office, for an hour, and speak to about 30 staff members, mainly Buddhists, about the Christian message, and then answer questions.

I am grateful to HeartCry for inviting me to go to Cambodia and give thanks to God for the experience. May the Lord continue to bless you in your work for Him,