It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to be God for His protection and blessing in my life and hoping that you all are fine In Christ. It is my joy to share the works which God has done in this month.

It is by God’s grace the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. I am continuing teaching from the book, “The One True God” once a month. On this month I taught about God and His Creation. It was wonderful time to know about God and His creation.

Also, I shared the gospel to Mr. Tan Bahadur while he came to church. I told him about Christ and His works for delivering us from our sin and those who believe in Him will have eternal life. I am thankful to God that Mr. Tan Bahadur scontinue joining the church services. From this month Mrs. Tuma is coming to the church because of her daughter sickness. After she came to church I went to visit her house. I told her not just to believe Christ for physical healing but the important is to believe for our spiritual healing. I comforted her from God’s words and prayed for her daughter.

I went to visit to aunt Laxmi B. K. She is a good believer of our church. She is the only believer of her family. Her aunt was in tension because of her daughter’s life. There was a marriage conflict between her daughter and her son in-law. So I went there and spent time with her and with her daughter and told her daughter to be faithful and respect to her husband. I prayed for aunt and also to her daughter. Let God may give peace and joy in her heart and also may He settle her daughter’s marriage problem.

Mrs. Dhanisara used to come to church before but later she discontinue attending the church services. In those days I counseled her from God’s words but she didn’t listen to what I told her. After a long time she called me in her home. So I went to visit her. I asked her the reason for calling me at her house. She told me to pray for her so that she may get healing from her sickness. It was my time to tell the truth to her again. I told her about her great disease which she needs to be healed is from her sin. I told her that If God’s will is to heal your sickness, He can do so but the most important is to come to Christ is to receive salvation from Him. After telling those things to her I prayed for her and encouraged her to believer in Christ for her eternal life.

It is my joy to give thanks to God for adding the new people in the church of Jalpa. By the grace of God 15 new people are coming to the fellowship. I am visiting them and encouraging them from God’s words. I would like to spend more time with them but it is very far from where I stay and also I have to look after the church of Tahoon. Therefore, I need the co-worker and for this I am praying. We had cottage meeting at Mr. Kash Bahadur’s home in Jalpa. Our plan was not just for cottage meeting but also evangelize to the people. So I told to Mr. Kash Bahadur to invite other neighbors and his relatives. In the grace of God 5 new people attended in the fellowship. I shared about man and sin and the works of Christ and told that only Christ is the Savior. I disturbed the tracts to them. They had responded positively but have not yet come to the church. I am praying for them.

It is my thanks to God for His grace helping me doing ministry. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your support, prayers and biblical teaching in my life. May God bless you!

Sincerely, Khim C.