Dear friends in the Lord Jesus Christ,

I greet you all in His precious Name! By the grace of our Lord, and through the prayers of His people, our church is growing and making spiritual progress. Praise God for that. We had a two days children program in our church a few weeks ago. In this program 19 children participated. Many of these came from unbelieving families and enjoyed the Bible stories, Christian songs, and the fellowship. We held this program during the school holidays, so everyone that came to participate was very relaxed, and enjoyed the Lord’s word during the meetings.

There are two families that are coming to the church who have relatives that don’t believe in the Lord. We request prayer for them. May the Lord touch them with His eternal grace and show them the way.

I have much to be thankful for. We thank God for our church’s spiritual progress in the past few weeks, for my wife’s healing, for Jonathan was also healed, and Joel passed BSc in Bio Tech with good marks in the university.

Please remember our congregation in your daily prayers. We have a man who is suffering due to a backbone problem. Pray for family’s situations, that the Lord would administer peace. Pray for S_____, as she wants to understand the Lord and His Word. Please pray for me, my family, and the church. We thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

Your brother in the Lord,

Rohan T.