A while back I asked that you pray for the salvation of Zoya. At that time, she was close to death but God spared her life so that she could hear the gospel. We prayed for this married couple for a long time and gave it all up to the Lord while not seeing any changes. Recently I spoke to Zoya and she mentioned she wanted to come to church. So far she cannot do that because she works on weekends.

Over a year ago when she left the hospital we gave her a really basic but good book about the Gospel. She kept it even though she didn’t read it. She shared that suddenly she just got the desire to read this book. She is now halfway through it!

Members of our church visit Zoya periodically to love and serve her as well as to share the gospel. We hope that God would regenerate her heart. It is quite common that one needs to spend a lot of time with someone, pray for them for a long time before any fruit becomes evident.

Another important event for our church has happened this month. We accepted Alexander and Luiza into the number of our church members. They are glad to see the changes in their lives and give all glory to God. Alexander began studying the Scriptures regularly, writing down his thoughts in his diary. Luiza says that their son Edik sees that and also began reading the Bible.
Thank you dear friends for your prayers. May God bless you!