This month we have had some new people visit our church meetings on Sundays. The most interesting case is the father of a young member of our church, who a few weeks ago began coming to the church services regularly. It’s interesting because this man was always hostile to the gospel. Nonetheless, according the testimony his son gave about him, he is interested for the first time in “the things of God.” We are praying for him, hoping that the Lord will open his heart through the preaching of the gospel.

Another important event in the life of the church is that we began filling a time slot on the Christian radio Monday through Friday. It is the most listened-to Christian radio station in Rosario. In the providence of the Lord the doors were opened for us to meet the owner of the radio directly, who offered us the spot on the radio at a very low cost. It was not within our reach economically to pay for this at its full cost, but we can now that the owner lowered the cost by more than half. We had been praying for several months for an opportunity to spread the gospel through these means, but we hadn’t had the resources, so we are very happy to see how the Lord has opened this door.

Now we are transmitting sermons centered on the gospel, both from Nico and me, as well as from other preachers. Please, continue to pray for this project. There are literally thousands of people that listen to this radio station. We are encouraged in believing that the Lord will bless this work and many people will be saved.

Personally, a great burden that I have had as a pastor in these past months is that we have soon only a few conversions. Few things cause more pain in my heart than seeing that few people are being effectually called. The church is growing, at a slow rate, and this is precious in many ways. But we are in a very large city that dwells in darkness, and I cannot keep from getting sad when I see that there are few people that are entering into eternal life. My heart is saddened and burns to see my city given over to so many forms of idolatry.

Thinking about this, and seeking the will of the Lord with regard to what more could be done for the extension of the kingdom of our God, I decided to devote more time to being in the street, seeking to reach as many lost people as the Lord allows me to reach. Of course, I am always speaking with non-believers that visit the church and I am disciplining new converts, but I also understand that it is time to make a greater effort in search of those that might never otherwise come to our church meetings. Given my responsibilities to study, pray, disciple the brothers and sisters in the church, and care for my family, I do not have a lot of extra time, but I am going to make the greatest effort possible to devote some more hours during the week to publicly preach the gospel. Please, pray for this new evangelistic effort, and also that the Lord would provide other brothers and sisters to accompany me in this work.