Dear Heartcry organization in grace of Triune God,

We ask God to continue His blessings on your health, your family and your job! We are extremely grateful to the Lord for the past month because He gave our family peace and strength to continue to serve Him, which is a great blessing to us. I thank God for everything he gave me in the past month.

There are concerns about the spiritual values of the Bible and I realized that if Protestants coat the Bible without understanding, the teachings will not be helpful for the transformational belief of believers; it’s just falsifying the way that God requires of His people. The reasons that brought this thought in my heart for the values of God’s word is that the Lord expects His disciples to understand the truth. This is also a strong motivation that makes us happy, to rely on the Lord, living for the Lord to serve Him.

Thinking back, I thank God immensely for many years to follow Him, and serve the Lord. However, we never heard someone teach us for many years the importance of faithfully teaching God’s word, including professors in the country, and abroad. But by the plan of God we met Pastor Solomon who is the man God used to guide, teach and support for our ministry. The training program was very long, but Pastor Solomon still continued to mentor us. Still, we have to rely on the Lord to preach the Bible and teach the Bible and that God is the one who makes every believer grow according to His will through our ministry. And now the work of God in the local church is still progressing slowly, Besides it also has the disadvantage is inevitable that traditional worship.

In missionary work, through the Bible study sessions in small groups and families, Miss Lan, who is 20 years old, began attending four months ago. We thank God that since Lan heard the gospel through Bible study sessons, she asks questions and we rely upon God to teach and explain to her the truth. Lan began longing for God’s word, by participating faithful Bible sessions. But she will not subject herself to receive Jesus as Savior and still will not not go to church because of fear to abandon traditional ancestor worship. Lan is not alone, but also many cases for the same reason, and this is one of the obstacles to the work of preach the gospel for our ministry.

Would you pray for us for grace, and that we are useful for God here in this particular community, Vietnamese in general. And the church in Vietnam more and more people know how to live for the gospel.

Sincerely, Binh B.