Dear HeartCry,

In Christ we always believe that you are still as healthy and peaceful as we are now! Praise the Lord for the past month, God always keep us!

It must be said that we walk in spiritual warfare where Satan’s enemies always want to distract us or overshadow all of God’s commandments to make us weak, inclined, or give up, but thank God, He gave the Scriptures as a powerful message to enlighten us in order to prevail over the devil’s deceit.

The Lord taught us through the Book of Ephesians, chapter 1, to let us know that the Father gives all spiritual blessings to us by His predestination. The Son performs redemption, provides forgiveness of sins and all wisdom. We also share in all his privileges and the Holy Spirit, clearly reveals the Trinity. Too, God’s salvation for humanity is centered on Christ, and the teaching of the Church. In Eph. 6:10-20 God teaches us to have the full power of God to win. It must be said that sometimes we are weak, but we thank the Holy Spirit, He uses His words to teach us in our lives and to grow us, to be new in God’s Grace, with the Church walking with him.

We depend only on our own Savior Jesus Christ and His leadership; From God’s direction, He wants us to lead the other members of the Church so that each day we follow God more seriously, more maturely. The local church leadership is the work God has entrusted to us for the past years that we have been carrying out and maintaining in order to advance the truth of God so that the Church can grow.

However, the reality of the Church in terms of numbers is not great, but the Lord’s gratitude to the spiritual life of each member of the Church has progressed further in the knowledge of God; We thank God for this.

We are grateful to HeartCry for their care, prayers, and financial support for us every month; this work of grace helps us to be mindful of our family’s meal, which is conducive to the work of the Lord. We are grateful to Pastor Solomon who is a good teacher and who always teaches, accompanies us our ministry, and God bless him every day to be healthy. May God bless you much, and grace on your ministry, your family and your church!


Binh B.


Chinese Visitors

Chinese Visitors