HeartCry Missionary Society partners with 9Marks by helping cover the travel expenses so international pastors can attend an Intensive Weekender at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. At the Weekender the pastors see firsthand the inner life of CHBC and read and discuss many of the books published by 9Marks concerning a healthy church. In addition, the men sit and observe an elder’s meeting and worship with the congregation at CHBC on Sunday.

Recently, three pastors from China visited the office and staff of HeartCry after a week at CHBC. We were encouraged to hear of their labors and of God’s blessings upon them and the churches they are serving. It was also encouraging for the pastors to discuss with Bro. Paul Washer the topics that are covered in the upcoming books that he is writing and will be published soon. 

There are many challenges facing the church in China so we ask for your continued prayers on behalf of the faithful men and women who are serving Christ. Pray they will remain faithful to biblical doctrine and practice and labor to establish healthy churches. Also, pray for the millions that are perishing in China that they will hear the gospel and trust in Christ for salvation