Greetings, dear brothers and sisters!

I thank God for your prayers. Your prayer support is very important for the Church and for me personally as we do see the power of your prayers. Our church has many elderly people. Unfortunately, many of them are in poor health, and it makes me sad that they cannot regularly attend our services. It also can affect their spiritual growth, so even though they cannot join our public meetings, I visit them and minister to them. I love these meetings with the elderly people. We also changed our approach to the church discussion and communication in this regard. We started to write a list of questions as a type of home-work for their personal study. We also go over the same questions during the service. The church members like it thus far.

On Fridays we usually have a prayer meeting. At the meetings we sing hymns, read and study the Word of God. (Now we are finishing 1 Samuel). We then pray about needs, thanking our Lord for all His provision. On Sunday services, I and another brother share the preaching. He is finishing the book of Romans, and I am about to finish my preaching on 1 Peter. We also preach topical sermons occasionally on various important subjects. I am glad to let you know that we have almost completed our classes on evangelism.

We are trying to strengthen our relationships with other churches by scheduling meeting with various other leaders. God blesses us with friendly and useful discussions. We also met with some of these brothers from other churches to plan evangelism events in our area. We have planned to share the Gospel in various camps this summer. We hope that God will bless our work in this new opportunity. Please pray that God would bless and help in the preaching of the Gospel to the lost!

I continue to visit the sick members. Please pray for our sister Svetlana. She has cancer. She is going to have surgery to remove the tumor. Svetlana is worried about her little daughter Nastya, who is seven years old.

Prayer needs:

  • For the elderly among us
  • Summer evangelism and repentance of the people
  • Svetlana, her surgery, and her daughter, Nastya
  • For our church to grow and be filled with young people