A young man that I have been disciplining, named Yoel, has had to travel to the mountains for his studies. The Lord put it on his heart to share what he had been learning with the people in the high regions of Huancavalica. He tells me that people have been made very accepting of the teaching, so much so that he fears because he is new in the faith and isn’t sure that he can lead them. For this reason he has asked me to accompany him there and we are now praying about making a 2-day trip along with another brother from the church to visit the village. In the towns in that region there are no churches, since we are talking about villages of 300 inhabitants.

We are praying that if the Lord in His grace is awakening people to the gospel, He would also help us find people from other churches to go and build up the work there. That region is extremely cold and there are very few people who are willing to travel there. Yoel is now traveling back to our town every two weeks to be further trained before traveling right back up into the mountains. Truly, we need your prayers that the Lord would give us wisdom with regard to how to help these brothers.

A couple weeks ago, a man of Ashaninka ethnicity providentially visited us. He lives in the Mazamari region of Peru and he came to ask for help with pastoral training of the men in that zone, since he is president of the association of pastors of the native communities there. He is concerned because there is not much training available to the men and after only two weeks of instruction many of them are sent out as pastors into their villages. I am meeting with several other pastors to see if we can begin alternating to go to those places to train and help the brothers, at least in that small manner.

I say goodbye thanking the Lord for such a great privilege of serving Him and asking you to pray for my family and myself, that the Lord would strengthen us and continue pouring out His grace on our lives and that the church would be used to give all the glory to our God and Savior Jesus Christ, faithfully carrying our His will for us.