Praise the Lord!

At present, my family I are doing well. The Lord has done wonderful things over the last month. We praise Him that all of our children have successfully cleared their exams, our oldest daughter will be engaged very soon, and our other daughter was baptized in June. The Lord is so kind to our family.

Personally, I have greatly benefited from my study of second Timothy. It has taught me how to be an example in the ministry. Though at times I still become afraid of some of the influential people in my village, such as the head of the village and rich people. Please pray for me.

My wife and I reach out to about 10 villages in our surrounding area. Most are farmers, and Hindu in background. We visit these villages by bike, where we meet together around the Word. My wife shares with the women during this time as well. On Sundays we gather the church together at my house. Currently we have 25 who attend, and I am preaching from Ephesians.

Even in the midst of opposition, and people spreading rumors about us, the Lord has been at work. In preaching the gospel to a fifty years old farmer, he has begun bringing his entire family of six to the church. Another man who I shared the gospel with in a village has also started attending the service. However, there are challenges. I work in a place where water is scarce and there is no proper electricity. Most who come to the church are illiterate which sometimes hinders the teaching of the Word. We do not have a church building, thus few people come to the church service. We praise the Lord that we have recently stated building church pillars. This has caused some opposition from the village. Please pray.

Please pray for us that we would grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, and thereby preach the gospel with boldness. That other believers in the church would be equipped to preach the gospel for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Please pray for these families that are attending the church- that they may believe in Jesus Christ. Please pray for our family, and our oldest daughter who will be getting married this year.

In His Service,

Machir R.