Dear Friends,

Greetings in Christ our Lord from the land of Nepal. What a joy to share the work of the Lord. On March 13 -16 and 26-29 we had our conference on Hermeneutics and homiletics. We prayed a lot for this training and the Lord has helped us wonderfully. The first training went for four days with 30 sessions of 25 hours. Brother Doug and myself helped our men. I have covered these points:

  1. A Call for Preaching (2 Tim 4:1-5)
  2. Three types of Sermons 
    (a. Topical sermon, b. Textual Sermon, c. Expositional Sermon, d. Illustration & Application, e. Sermon Delivery)

Brother Doug covered on three parts of expository sermon, the eight step of expository preaching & five Steps of exposition

  1. Three parts of expository sermon (exegesis, exposition and delivery)
  2. Eight Steps of Expository Preaching (a. Preparation, b. Structure & Context Study, c. Analyzing the Syntax, d. Observation and Analyzing the Word, e. Theological Study, f. Evaluation, g. Mediation and Application, h. Preaching Points)
  3. Steps of Exposition (a. Writing the proposition (Theme of the Sermon), b. Structure of the message (Homiletically outline of the Sermon), c. Building the body (State the truth, proof your text, illustrate and bring application), d. Create logical flow (transitional statements), e. Writing introduction and conclusion).

The first and second day was on a call to preach and different steps, while the third and last day was on sermon delivery by all HeartCry and interns men. We have gone through the book of Philippians and each man (12 total) was assigned to preach as they were given a portion of the Scriptures. We have gone through the series sermon delivery.

The second training was from March 26-29. Altogether we had 25 sessions. The first day was revision on the eight steps of expository preaching and the second day was on how to preach Christ from the Old Testaments and New Testaments narratives. The third and last day was the sermon delivery and practice by all the men.

There were also other young boys who sat together and learned during these trainings. Praise the Lord we were able to give them the basic tools to interpret the Bible and arouse more interest and seriousness of preaching. During this time, they experienced lots of exercises and devoted themselves for the preparation of their sermons. Our men realized how much more they need to spend time to prepare a message. They were amazed and willing to work hard, spend time, energy, mind, and prayer for the edification of the saints. We have encouraged them to preach a series of messages from one book. Some of the men have already started.

It was very joyful that our men have received a bible dictionary and concordance in our own language. This is due to your support. Thank you for making these tools available. It will bless their life and help them prepare a good sermon. We are lacking of good study bible in our language and are praying that He will provide one in the days to come. It is very challenging for our Nepalese men to prepare solid spiritual food, because many men have not gone through any solid biblical training, and because there is a lack of solid materials. We are pursuing these works and trust God will help us and provide for us.

We appreciate your ministry of prayers and support, as we all are encouraged. Please continue pray for us – that the Lord will advance His kingdom in this part of the world. All Glory to God Alone!

In Him,