I would like to give you a quick update about the training classes held last week for some non-local pastors. We met in a small rural town, where brother R. is laboring for the Lord (planting a church). 

Around eighteen pastors attended these training classes. We praise the Lord for His provision, and this time of fellowship together. In this training, we continued to work through Paul Washer’s workbook,

Knowing the Living God.

Paul Washer

We also talked about Hermeneutics briefly.

The Lord seemed to bless this study, and many requested that I would come back to conduct training classes every month. All of these pastors have small churches in remote villages. All of them (except one) have no formal Bible school or college. There is a great need for theological studies like this one. These men expressed to me how much they appreciated this class.

I was also able to distribute the Telugu translation of the book

“Everyone is a Theologian“

R.C. Sproul

With the famine of solid books in India, this is a welcomed resource. Please pray that these pastors would read this resource, and that they would benefit personally from it. Pray that as they benefit, their churches would be strengthen- and that the knowledge of God and His redemptive work would cover these villages as the water covers the sea.

We appreciate you for holding the rope with us. Thank you for your partnership and providing the tools needed for us on the mission field.

In Christ,
S. Rajan