Middle East Village Feature

In his latest update, ‘Lucas A.’ shares how Christian kindness has opened up gospel opportunities for the house churches in a Muslim nation in the greater Middle East.

“A Muslim lady in her late sixties suffered a heart-attack a few months ago and was admitted to the hospital.  Her son had recently come to faith before her heart-attack.  While she was in the hospital, three of us from the church visited her and prayed for her.  She asked her son who these people were, and he explained that we were Christians.  After she went home from the hospital, one of the ladies in the church went every week to their house, read the word of God with the mother and son, and prayed with them.

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One month ago, the lady professed Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She said that what helped her come to faith was the behavior of the believers – they served her, and she saw love and honesty in their lives.  She is coming to our church meetings every week.  She is uneducated, but she is very open about her faith and started sharing the gospel with the rest of her family.  She is a traditional therapist in the community, and when women come to her, she shares the gospel and prays for them.

During the lockdown, we were blessed by our brothers and sisters abroad with resources to provide food packages for believers in the churches and their families.  In a visit to one of the villages, we found a few Muslim families that were very poor, without even the most basic bread to eat.  We prayed and felt that we should help them with some food packages.

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The next day when we went to the village, we were stopped by the Imam (Muslim teacher) who was very angry with us.  We told him that we were there to help people, and finally he sat down and talked with us, complaining that no one was doing anything to help his village.  We slowly shared the gospel with him and about 35 men in the village.  No one has publicly professed Christ yet, but are regularly visiting them, reading the Scriptures and praying with them.