Dear HeartCry I sincerely thank you because you have been praying for us and for the work of God in Vietnam to open new Churches for the worthy Name of God.

I thank HeartCry for your interest in our family. Last month God gave my family peace. Besides having to do the work of God outside of the home, I also had time for my family to help shuttle my child to school, help my wife cook, wash dishes, do laundry, chat with my child, help her read the Bible, and to pray for her. My family is the most important blessings of all that God has given and my wife is behind me to help me serve God. My wife is willing to help us save money and spend sensibly so we also can help my brothers and sisters in the faith that are having difficult circumstances in the Church.

In the past month God has been awakening me to pray through and study the Scriptures so by the grace of God I can present the truth of God in order to meet the demand for new believers. Also, there are brothers and sisters in the local church who are helping support our missionary work in order to make spiritual expansion according to the will of the Lord. I know that a missionary planting a new church is not a human effort but that is the work of the Holy Spirit and is through the power of His word. Serving the Lord is a privilege and joy of God, to bring people whom God has chosen to salvation is a delightful work.

Dear HeartCry, we are focusing on two locations in the city’s area for outreach; one in L. M. District and another in HCM City. We are currently teaching a catechism for new believers in the Church to help their understanding of the Bible. Our missionary activity to develop new churches in January was mainly through personal evangelism and through love meal for the elderly. Also. we intend to preach the gospel to youth at L. District in the near future. Pray for our outreach as the gospel of God is preached in Vietnam to more people and that they are saved in the kingdom of God. Amen.


Chi G.