Taylor Simpson Uwxayuw Juc Unsplash

We began the year 2020 by going out and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people living in the village of Chea Sbai. We were grateful for the opportunity to bring God’s Word to the crowd of people in this village. Before we left, one person that heard the Gospel came to us and professed faith in Jesus Christ. This blessed time also allowed us to hand out many excellent full-color Gospel tracts. We know that these tracts draw people to open them and read them. When they read them, they are reading Scripture, and God’s Word is going into their hearts.

This month, we also conducted a session at my church with church leaders from our province. We focused on Leadership and Building a Faith on a Firm Foundation. I created this session to help all of us take God’s Word seriously and to build confidence and trust in the Lord. I wanted all of us church leaders, myself included, to persevere in difficult circumstances and problems that we face by finding our answers on how we should continue in the Word of God. This was a time of reminding each of us about our personal roles and responsibilities to be a servant to our churches and to each other.

In past months, I have asked for prayer concerning many of the youth in our church. They were forced to go into the big city to find some sort of work that will pay wages so that they can send money to help their families here since there are very few opportunities to earn any money in our area. Praise God, He has answered our prayers, and some of our youth have now returned home and have come back to church. My heart is grateful for the continuing time to shepherd them as they become adults, that their faith will be real and strong, on a solid biblical foundation.

Scripture for this month: John 15: 6-7: These scriptures teach about the True Vine remind me that my faith is growing when I am abiding in Jesus. Of course, this means to abide in the Word of God, in prayer, in meditation, and obedience. This Scripture is significant to all Christians to know that Jesus is the source of everything in life. For this reason, we, as the whole church, memorize these two verses so that we can have them in our hearts.

Pray for us that our church will get stronger in faith and that each of us will have a heart that desires to serve the Lord and desires to share the Gospel with the lost.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Pastor Kon