Arturo Preaching In San Rafael

I went to the medical clinic several times over the past few weeks because I am doing therapy for tendinitis. On a couple of those occasions, I was seen by a doctor named Janfranco. In one of those appointments, I shared with him that I was a Christian. He told me he had attended a church a while back because of some personal problems he was having, but that he only attended for a time, and now he doesn’t any longer. He gave me a ton of excuses as to why he no longer goes. He said that when he works out some of his problems in life he’ll start going to the church again.

From the things he was saying, I could tell that he was caught up in the world and didn’t understand what it means to be a Christian. He believed that a Christian is simply someone who will go to heaven one day and that it’s just a matter of time before he gets there. He said that in a church meeting one time they had invited him to make a decision for Jesus and he did it.

I began to share the gospel with him. He became speechless. His eyes were full of surprise and he seemed to be on the brink of tears. He was not argumentative at all. What had most impacted him was that in the light of the Scriptures, he saw that he was not a Christian. He began to be honest and said that the reason he didn’t go to church is simply that he didn’t feel like it. He said he didn’t enjoy being there. I told him that what he needed was to go to Christ in faith and repentance. I believe the Lord was working on his heart.

He said it was making sense to him now why his wife was so different. She was joyful and she always urged him to go to church with her. But he admitted that he just hadn’t ever wanted to go. We’re praying that God would have mercy on this doctor. He is doing his residency, and it’s possible that they will transfer him to a different location. Please pray for the salvation of this man.