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Glory to God! Our family is doing well by God’s grace. Our churches continue to meet and worship regularly except for the evangelizing work. I’ve seen the growth in their faith and the understanding of God. I am thankful for their faithfulness and obedience. Adding to that, two women have been joining us for a couple of weeks now. They are in the process of learning the truth of the Gospel and observing us who will become their church family. I am glad that they are not in a hurry to make empty confessions, yet they are serious about learning. 

           We met not only as congregations, but we were also able to conduct a monthly meeting with pastors from different regions before the lockdowns. There were less than 20 participants, including elders, half of the usual number of people in attendance. I cannot begin to say how much this fellowship is growing us as the body of Christ, God’s church. This time allows us to embrace the love for the body, which is drawn by our acknowledgment of their well-being as a part of ours. 

           Lives are busy and fast, or maybe slow, if you are just sitting down. Either way, it is automatic for us just to think of our little villages, our same congregations, our plates, and our prayer requests. Therefore, we should make a new habit of seeing farther than just “We, Ours, and Us,” but to see “They, Their, and Theirs,” God’s creation. God loves His creation; we should love them, too. To live it out is not the same as to say it; effort and faith are needed, making plans and commitment are essential. By the grace of God, I believe we can learn and can do it together. 

Prayer Requests:

– Please pray for the two women, Hai and Chhoun, that God will enlighten their eyes (their husbands, and families, too.) May God continue to give them the understanding of who He is and their need for a Savior. 

– Please pray for Cambodians and all churches in Cambodia to seek God above all else. 

– Please pray for the Christians in the far east, specifically for the current events, that God will show mercies and be gracious to them. Pray that they will be strong in faith regardless of what happens, knowing that good will come out of every situation for the glory of God. 

– Please pray for us that God will keep us healthy and that we will be faithful in doing His work in all circumstances.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all,