Marian Nae pastors the faith family of Holy Trinity Church in Glina, Romania. While he is devoted to the care and nurture of the Lord’s people, he maintains a vision to reach the unsaved in his community. This month, he shares of two opportunities to go outside the walls of the church building to preach Christ.

By God’s grace, I attended an evangelistic event in the open air in the village of Frătesti, Giurgiu County. I accompanied a group of believers from our church. Once we were there, brother Moise Marian and I went walked through the village. We prayed with the people, gave them New Testaments and invited them to attend the evangelistic event we had that night. In the evening, we conducted an evangelistic service in the open air and, following the sermon, several people came to ask us to pray for them. Please pray for all the people that had the grace to listen to God’s message. Please pray that God would work in their lives and that they would turn to him in repentance and faith.

This month I decided to visit all the families that haven’t attended church lately. I also attempted to see the believers who are facing trials. As a result, I visited many families who needed prayer. Some opened their hearts to God’s Word. I met sick people, who needed me to pray for them. Sister Pana had throat surgery. She is a believer who is 70 years old. Her children haven’t been saved, but they also attend our fellowship. Please pray for this sister and her children.

I also visited a widow whose name is Dorina. She is 68 years old. Her husband died about a year ago and she has had two heart attacks. She was very open. I shared with her from God’s Word and prayed with her. Please pray that God would work in her heart.

A family from our church decided to have church meetings at their place because their relatives had come home from abroad and wanted them to hear God’s Word. So I went there along with other believers from our church. This family invited all their relatives and friends. Over 100 people attended the meeting. I had the great privilege of preaching the gospel. After the sermon, seven people came and asked us to pray for them. Please pray for all the participants that God would transform their lives.