Afghanistan Feature

Dear Prayer Partners,
We here at HeartCry have been deeply touched by the many messages from you, assuring us of your prayers for Afghan believers and asking for updates. I had the privilege last week of spending a day with ‘Lucas,’ our Afghan missionary, in another country in the region. It was painful to see the heavy burden that he bears as he constantly labors, with very little sleep, to get his friends and fellow servants of Christ to safety. Yet, mingled with pain was great joy to see how God’s Spirit has sustained him, and to hear his firm confidence in the goodness and wisdom of our sovereign God. 
He is distressed by others who are carelessly sharing sensitive information online, so please understand that we must protect these precious saints who are extremely vulnerable. There is so much more that we wish we could tell you! I can tell you, so that you may rejoice with us, that the family we specifically asked you to pray for has made it safely across the border. God has truly worked wonders in answer to your prayers! Please continue to pray for them as we work through all the complex logistics of their long-term care. Please continue to pray for another large group of high-risk believers who are not yet out of the country. And please pray for our dear friends who are working tirelessly to deliver Christ’s sheep from severe danger. – Middle East Coordinator