I met David when he was a young man. He used to visit our church services occasionally, but for some time, I had not heard anything about him or his family. A few weeks ago, the same week that I had to have an operation, I received a call from a man named Cesar, who is a friend of David’s. Cesar asked me if I would call his friend because he was sick and confined to his bed. So, I called David and he answered.

I was experiencing a lot of pain because of my operation, but as I listened to David’s situation I was reminded that my own situation was not all that dramatic. He has leukemia and is going through chemotherapy. One month he is home, and the next month he spends in the hospital getting treatment. He is married and they have three grown children. He can’t work. On top of his own condition, his parents were both sick with Covid and were in critical condition. Thankfully, they are improving now. 

I spoke to David and told him the gospel. He seemed to be very attentive and interested in what I was saying. He told me that he agreed with what I had told him. I sent him sermons and songs to listen to while he is lying in bed. When I called him again, he was getting ready to be checked into the hospital for another month of treatment. I told him that I would be praying for him and when he has the opportunity, we will talk on the phone so that I can speak him about God’s Word. He is very encouraged and is reading the Word of God. He is also listening to the sermons and songs that I sent him.

He told me that his most recent exams showed that he seems to be improving. That encouraged him a lot. I’m going to be spending more time praying and speaking with David. Please, pray for his spiritual condition and for his health. Pray also for his wife and children.