Report from (Ucu Sindang) Undiscosed Location in Asia

Shalom brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ, because of God’s faithful guidance and leading many things to happen in my own ministry.

My ministry activities in the month of March 2016 included several opportunities. I was blessed to participate in mission activities through tutoring in a nearby village. There are 18 children who participate in tutoring in my own village but for this month we have day off because it is the school holiday and the holy Muslim month of Ramadan (fasting month). Also we taught in a vocational school. During the month, 9 people actively participated in the Bible study. I too taught the Bible to children in the children’s home every Wednesday. All the students are Sundanese and they are in their 2nd year of high school.

I do need your constant prayers for: The teaching activities in the village, that through these activities the Lord will open the way for the families and the community to hear the Gospel message and believe in Jesus Christ; especially pray for my own parents so that they would believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, the male and female students in Tadika Puri vocational school, that they will truly know the Lord because they don’t understand at all about their Salvation even though their families’ background is Christian. And the Sundanese children can be used by God to serve their families who still do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, for the students to be called to give themselves for God’s glory in the missions work and for the students to be used by God to proclaim the Gospel truth boldly and faithfully.