Luis Baptism

Praise God for the gift of salvation, for the power of the Holy Spirit convicting us of our sin, rebellion, and enmity with our Creator. Also, for bringing us to repentance, belief, and for Christ to graciously and mercifully provide forgiveness and eternal life through His death on the cross.

This month we can not stop celebrating and praising God for the conversion and baptism of a new sister in Christ, a Peruvian-Japanese grandmother. Since she started attending our church and bible studies eight years ago, we have seen our Lord’s mercy and favor transform her life and now declare that Christ is Lord. All glory to God because He doesn’t forget Japan. He is still pouring His Gospel patiently and saving people in Japan.

From a Sect to Christ

The new believer was involved in the Jehovah witness error, but Christ took her away from that sect. It took some years, but in the end, the power of God’s word changed her views, and she now preaches the Gospel to family and friends, declaring our triune God.

From a Stroke to Christ

Our new believer years ago had a stroke; she couldn’t move half of her body, her vision was compromised, and the doctors had a bad prognostic about her recovery. It took her two years to recover and be able to work. She acknowledged that it was because of Christ’s favor and church prayers but didn’t surrender to Christ. For four more years, God was patient and the power of His word for her to come to repentance of sins and belief. Praise the Lord for His kindness, love, and patience: “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead, he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

Obedience through the Typhoon

Our new believer was so excited about her baptism and desire to obey God that she didn’t mind that there was a pouring typhoon rain the day of her baptism! The weather that day was not the best, but all the church accompanied her and celebrated under umbrellas. We found a safe location and our sister was baptised a turbulent and rainy day but full of the light and joy of Christ!

Thank you always for your encouragement, prayers, support, and faithfulness in seeing the great commission as a work of the local body of Christ and the universal church.

In Christ,