Latin America – Peru
Ivan Tassara with his wife outside of the church building in Sullana, Peru.

I have been able to visit the young man I mentioned in my last report. He began reading His Bible some time ago but he was not able to understand it. I have been going to his house and from what I can tell, it seems that God is working in his life each day and is convincing and convicting him of his sin.

This young man lives in a very small house, it is only six feet wide. In that house live his parents, his two brothers, and his brothers’ families. You can imagine how crowded they must be in the house.

What is surprising about this young man is that his family has absolutely no interest in knowing God. Most of his family members are involved in crime. Still, he studies the Bible and he wants to know God.

We meet once a week just outside his home in a moto-taxi to study the Scriptures using the workbook, “Knowing the Living God,” by Paul Washer. I trust that God will bring this man to a knowledge of Himself and that He will be saved, and I also pray that He will be used as a light among his own family. 

Please pray for the time that I have to study with him, that God would be glorified.