Recently we had a full service with over ninety people squeezing into our small building. Everyone had come to share in the wonderful service of baptism that we had been planning for some months now. We had five people in total that had expressed an interest in being baptized and so Andrea and Alan met with them to talk through the implications of baptism and to also ascertain the spiritual maturity of each candidate.

They were discipled individually and we were delighted to recommend that each of them should be baptized during our service last Sunday. It was a wonderful time in which all of them shared touching accounts of how God had changed their lives. Some from broken marriages, others from lives of rebellion, some from a background of drugs and one even from prison. Each story was different but yet the common thread that ran between each story was of God’s redeeming power and love.

After each testimony they were individually baptized before we heard from the next one. There was a wonderful sense of joy and celebration amongst all the believers. After the service over seventy people stayed for lunch as we had good fellowship together.

This was such an important day for the church because we saw and heard about the wonderful ways in which God has and is still working. We claim none of the glory for ourselves but ask that you would continue to uphold these five people in your prayers as they step out in newfound faith, for their future life, and for the blessings of the Lord upon them.

Pray also for

  • Sola Grazia Church, that we may train and make disciples.
  • Our evangelistic work for the Lord, that we may be faithful in such hard soil.
  • That the Lord may have mercy on the people of Mantua where we live.