The HeartCry staff has taken great encouragement in the dedication of David since the passing of his father a few years ago. At present, he cares for his mother and sister as a single young man while continuing to pursue his master’s degree at the local seminary. Please pray for David as he pastors Holy Trinity Church in Frunzanesti, Romania. This month, he updates us on his ministry ventures.

With God’s help, I managed to meet with the children and teenagers at church this month. I had meetings with them in the church courtyard where we had a really good time together. More and more children attend our Saturday program and they learn about the Lord. By God’s grace, we set up several tents in the courtyard and had different activities there.

We had the children’s program this month in which we learned poems and songs. About 60 children from Fundeni attended. Also, many parents came and heard God’s Word.


By God’s grace, I preached the Word to the people in our village. I made evangelistic visits, seeing many people. I prayed for them and shared the gospel. They shared with me about their lives and problems. I encouraged them and prayed for them.

I visited the believers and encouraged them. I also talked to their non-Christian family members. I prayed with them, sang and read the Scripture together. I made evangelistic visits as well and passed out gospel tracts and New Testaments.

We had several evangelistic meetings at church this month in which many people came and heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Ion and Roxana, a young couple that I had shared the gospel with last fall, keep attending the church with their four children. They decided to follow the Lord and be baptized. I am doing the catechism course with them. Please pray for them.


New people came to church in December after we invited them to church. They came and listened to God’s Word.

We had special Christmas events at church. Before the holiday celebration, we sang carols outside in the church courtyard for 30 minutes. Many non-Christians came to listen. After caroling, we had an evangelistic message for the people who attended. The message was about the Lord’s birth and the reason for it.

The Lord is working among the people. Please pray that the Lord would regenerate those who have started attending the church. They really need our prayers.

We also meet with the children in Pantelimon. About 30 children attend these meetings. We teach God’s Word and pray that the Lord would save them. We carried on our school project in which we teach Romanian and mathematics every Tuesday night. About 35 children attend these lessons. They tell their parents that they learn so much at church. The children’s parents are very thankful and some of them have come to church. They encouraged us to carry on the project.