Following the removal of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, many western news sources reported that a military coup d’etat had taken place against the general will of the Egyptian people. The following facts are from a Christian Egyptian seminary professor and his evaluation of the events inside his country. His primary motive in reporting these things is to solicit prayer for the Christians living inside of Egypt.

Greeting in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Please read the following and pray for the heart of the Middle East: Egypt.

Here is why most people who understand what’s going on Egypt are very happy with the removal of president Mursi:

1. The Muslim Brotherhood has a violent side to it that has been well known and documented for decades. It has been shown over and over again as recently as the past few hours. After the announcement was made that the Chief Justice will become interim president, Muslim Brotherhood supporters shot indiscriminately at people in Alexandria with the result that 3 were killed and others injured. Churches were attacked in at least two other locations in the country. Weapons were found in their offices. Brotherhood violence can only be ignored by those who wish to believe their propaganda.

2. Mursi allied himself with even more troublesome elements of the Islamist and Jihadist movements (including Hamas). For example, he appointed as governor of Luxor a man with connections to El Jamaa El Islamiyaa that killed over 50 tourists in that city in 1997. Immediately after his appointment, the people of Luxor went into the streets to protest, and several nations vowed not to send their people to that city as long as he is governor. Under immense pressure, the man resigned.

3. What happened in the past few weeks was a mass uprising of Egyptians against the Mursi regime because of its dictatorial and failed policies. The country was suffering terribly. Twenty-two million people signed a petition with their national ID number asking for him to step down. Then, on June 30th people poured into the streets to ask for the same thing. Estimates are that between 20-30 million protested in multiple locations, from the extreme north to the extreme south of the country!

4. The populace, plus most political parties, asked the army to intervene to make sure the country did not descend into civil war. No one asked the army to rule and the army has repeatedly vowed that it will not do so.

5. The new leadership is civilian and is backed by the masses. The reaction everywhere has been euphoric….except of course that of the MB’s. Significantly, the main Salafist groups, as well as moderate Islamists, are in support of what has happened!

6. Mursi’s election is disputed and the courts have yet to decide how much fraud took place. Even if widespread fraud didn’t take place, large numbers of poor people were bribed to vote for Mursi or were manipulated by religious sentiments to do so. There are persistent reports that the presidential guard was directed to the opponent’s house prior to the announcement of the results to protect HIM. Suddenly and mysteriously, they were directed to go to Mursi’s house. Unfortunately, the opponent in the elections was a remnant of the Mubarak regime so many of those who voted for Mursi were casting a negative vote against the opponent. Many of those are now very sorry they did so.